August 25th Event in Fort Worth

Join us Saturday, August 25th to share your faith with 50 troubled youth. Times are 9 am to 3 pm and all materials are provided. Confirm by email to

Google directions to:
Tarrant County Juvenile Detention Facility
2701 Kimbo Road
Fort Worth, TX76111-3007

A Man of Faith

Remembering Charles Colson
By Don Smarto
April 23, 2012

I never really counted the number of times I had meetings with Charles Colson, mostly private, until his passing on April 21st. I was amazed that it was over ninety times, which for a non-PF employee, was perhaps a record.

We first met in Chicago in 1980 when I was a Volunteer Coordinator for Prison Fellowship in DuPage County, Illinois (outside Chicago) I shared a story he never forgot and reminded me about for the next 30 years. I told him I was a Democratic Precinct Captain during Watergatis response: "Did you repent of your sin?" was an ongoing satire. When I supported Reagan, years later, he told me "This is proof of redemption!"

It was more than humor as I came to believe his conversation was genuine. Mr. Colson was the most reflective and intelligent Christian I have ever known. I imagine his conversations with C.S. Lewis and William Wilberforce in heaven.

As the founding director of the Institute of Prison Ministries in 1983, I met with Chuck formulating how this institute would help ministries. The first two years, we met 12 times (half with Ken Wessner, Chairman of the PF Board). My meetings began in the first warehouse headquarters, then the building beside the mansion, and eventually the current building.

Mr. Colson was the Keynote speaker at two national conferences at Wheaton College in 1986 and 1991. I had the privilege of introducing him and hosting the conferences about prison ministry.

I was honored to have Charles Colson endorse six of my books. In Justice & Mercy, I said "Mr. Colson elevated prison ministry in America from step-child to respectable among the White, Middle-Class".

I was with Mr. Colson in London, Milan, and Nairobi. In Africa, I attended morning devotions with Chuck, Patti, and Cardinal Sin of Manila for a week.

Our meetings increased when we created the Colson Scholarship for Ex-Offenders. As the first director, I had the privilege of hearing from him, these words: "I don't want a statue or my name on a building, but a living monument- changed lives!" Each year for 11 years we had a lunch for him and a group photo with the scholars.

For 15 years, I attended the National Prayer Breakfast and Chuck would ask for a program update in the hotel. Our meetings were usually in hotel suites to avoid interruptions. Mr. Colson let me know strongly if he disagreed with one of my ideas. Over the years, I got better at "reading his mind" and we worked in harmony.

I was with him at the University of Chicago when he received the Templeton Award and escorted him out a side door and across a street to a reception. His comments to me demonstrated his humble spirit.

He opened a national prisoner art exhibit at the Billy Graham Center and opened a massive lock and chain around the pillars in 1986. We shared a private humorous event the crowd never knew about. He had a great sense of humor. We laughed about that moment for years.

Mr. Colson expressed an interest in my years in a monastery and we often talked about the value of contemplation. As his friends knew, he would discuss many topics, not just prison ministry.

One time when speaking in a Dallas hotel ballroom, he spotted me and said some gracious things about me to the crowd.

I was most moved by his book Loving God. His message to believers was clear: You can love the church, love ministry, and love being religious but still not love God.

He had a great gift as a thinker, was well read, and was perhaps one of the most intelligent leaders of a Christian ministry in recent times. A few times, we talked about the works of Augustine; City of Faith and Confessions. He knew them well.

I had the honor of interviewing him for a Chicago television program (In Defense of Justice). My last question was "How do you want to be remembered?" After a short pause, he replied "As a faithful follower of Jesus Christ." He did not mention his Marine Corp. service, White House years, books, or honors. (That interview is in the Archives at the Billy Graham Center in Wheaton)

He was a man of deep faith.

Don to Speak at Dallas Camera Club

Don will be the featured speaker May 17th at the Dallas Camera Club.

He will show and talk about his award winning photos. The meeting will be at Parker College at 7pm.

Don To Speak in Colorado

Don will speak in two juvenile facilities May 21st & May 22nd in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. He has spoken in both facilities five times.

The repeat invitations are encouraging.

Don to Speak at DBA Lunch

Don will be the featured speaker at the Dallas Baptist Association lunch for pastors and guests on Monday, June 6th. His presentation is Witness to Roman Catholics.

The noon meeting will be at Lakeside Baptist Church in Dallas.

Mart II June 25th

On Saturday, June 25th, Youth Direct will present programs at Mart II near Waco. Volunteers are needed to share the Gospel in the dorm day rooms. Please fill out the new TYC form if you have not done so. Volunteers arrive at 8:45am and will leave at 3:30pm. The facility is in Mart, Texas.
The actual name is the McLennan Juvenile Correctional Facility.

DIRECTIONS: Take I 35 South from the Dallas area to Waco. Turn left onto Us-84 toward Corsicana for 12 miles. Turn right onto FM 939 for 7 miles. Turn right onto E. Cowan Street and right onto W. Burleson. The facility address is 116 W. Burleson Rd., Mart, Texas 76664. Phone 254-297-8200 • Fax 254-297-8392.

Don to Speak at Dallas School

Don will give a presentation called Overcoming Obstacles at the
Eduardo Mata School in Dallas on March 25th. This new presentation will
cover both real and imagined obstacles that stifle dreams. Examples of
people that accomplished much while overcoming the challenges of
poverty, poor grades, and negative feedback are included.

Don to Speak in Pennsylvania

For ten days, Don will be speaking in churches, drug programs, prisons,
schools, and juvenile facilities from April 2nd - April 10th. Don will give
two Training Seminars to volunteers with Yokefellows Prison Ministry.
speak to the residents of Teen Challenge, prisoners in LeHigh Valley Prison, Cedarbrook Juvenile Detention Facility, and at two services at the
Family Worship Center in Lansdale. This is Don's 11th evangelism trip to

March 19th - Gainesville Facility

Fifty volunteers are needed for evangelism at the TYC Texas State Facility for Boys at Gainesville. This Saturday event begins with the arrival of volunteers at 9am and a program at 10am in the chapel featuring Lamont Levels, music, and a testimony followed by lunch and sharing in the cottages. Departure at 3:30 pm. Gainesville is located at 1379 FM 678 north of Dallas (75 miles) off Interstate 35. Take the Main Street exit into downtown Gainesville and continue east to facility.

Don to Speak in Florida

Don will speak in several juvenile facilities January 26th - January29th
with a program about making good decisions and resisting negative
peer pressure. Youth Direct has presented programs twenty
Florida juvenile facilities since 2004.

Don to Speak at Ft. Worth School

Don will give two Creative Writing Seminars February 16th at the
Lucyle Collins Middle School in Fort Worth. These 3 to 4 hour seminars
were developed over a period of six years. Using creative inter-action,
these seminars foster creative talent, which is often undiscovered.

Don to Speak at Dallas Baptist University

Don will present a new PowerPoint Talk called Restoring Humanity to
students of Professor Sarah Crouch's class on Christian Thought. Based
on his 32 years working with criminal offenders, Don will focus on his
use of poetry to restore uniquely human attributes like Reflection, compassion, Morality, and Conscience to juvenile felons who have lost
human distinctive on February 2nd.

December 4th McFadden Ranch

Join us Saturday, December 4th as we share with 50 boys at the TYC facility McFadden Ranch in Roanoke, Texas (west of Grapevine and Southlake) Volunteers should arrive at 9am. There is a 10am program, lunch, and time to share one on one. We will leave at 3pm. Please confirm by December 1st. First time volunteers must fill out application (download from this web) and send no later than November 29th. Training is required and will be at The Oaks Baptist Church on December 2nd at 7pm.

Don to Speak at Men's Conference

On November 6th, Don will speak at the 20-Ten Men's Conference at Westside Baptist Church in Lewisville. This year's conference theme is Being the Whole Man of God based on Romans 12.

Don will explore how the world uses marketing and advertising to convert wants into needs and how the devil's schemes require vigilance, prayer, and accountability.

Don To Speak at Dallas Theological Seminary
Don will speak on Reaching Troubled Youth with the Gospel on November 4th to Dr. Jay Sedwick's Christian Education class. Dr. Sedwick was Don's radio guest last Spring and Don spoke to the class in 2009.

Don to Preach at Baptist Church

Don will speak at the combined services at the Dallas church Primera Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida (New Life) on October 31, 2010 at 10am. It is a bilingual service with an interpreter for those who only speak Spanish.

Don's topic will be Thirty-Two Years Working With Troubled Youth (Anos Trabajando con Delincuentes). All are welcome.

Don to Speak in Lubbock Schools

Due to the popularity of Don's new book, he will present Photography and Creative Writing Seminars in Middle Schools and High Schools in Lubbock, Texas on October 27th.

Don has spoken in Lubbock schools for five consecutive years with enthusiastic responses from students and from teachers.

Don to Speak at Stults Baptist Church

Don will be the speaker Sunday, November 14th at the 10:30 am service at the Stults Baptist Church in Dallas. He will talk about the power of God to change even the worst criminal heart and transform "lost sheep" into disciples of Christ, All are welcome to attend this service of praise and thanksgiving of His grace.


Don to Speak in Michigan

Don will be the featured speaker at a conference on Prisoner Reentry in Flint, Michigan on October 16, 2010. His book Keeping Ex-Offenders Free continues to be used extensively by churches and prison ministries nationwide (see Resources). Don spoke on this subject at a 2007 White House Conference and at the Texas Association of Probation And Parole Officers in Galveston, Texas in 2009.


Don to Speak in Denton County
November 17th and 18th Don will present his Creative Writing Workshop to youth in the TARMAC program in Lewisville. A program of the Denton County Juvenile Probation Department, the program is aimed at reducing the number of youth who dropout of school and committ new offenses.

Don to Speak in Florida

Don will speak to youth in the Pompano Substance Abuse Program for boys 13-18. Operated by a private foundation, it is part of the Florida Juvenile Justice System.

The boys are in this secure facility from 6-9 months.

Youth Direct to Host OSL Meeting

Fifty national leaders from Prison Fellowship, Navigators, International Bible Society (Biblica), Billy Graham Association, Awana, Campus Crusade, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Evangelism Explosion, Billy Graham Center, Jobs for Life, Good News Jail & Prison Ministry, Crossroad Bible Institute, One Hope and many more ministries will come to Dallas October 12th for an all day meeting hosted by Youth Direct Ministries. Speaker Lamont Levels and Gospel singer Craig O'Dell will provide inspiration through testimony and music. Youth Direct has been a proud member of Operation Starting Line since 2002.


Ministry leaders gathered together to discuss all facets of prison ministry at the OSL meeting held at Sam Pack's Auto Museum

National Radio Appearance

Don will be in the Chicago WMBI studio October 19th as the guest of Chris Fabry on the national show Chris Fabry Live!

The one hour show at 2pm Central Time includes interaction from callers. Chris was host of the popular Open Line radio show from 1985 - 1997.

Don was a guest on Open Line several times.

Chris received the "Talk Personality of the Year Award" in 2008 from the National Religious Broadcasters Association. Chris is also a gifted author.

To learn more about Chris, go to


The ministry has new polyester lanyards with IDs for our volunteers. All volunteers may keep them but are encouraged to bring them to events to control ministry expenses. We are grateful to Dr. Tommy & Naomi Sessums for this gift!


The ministry has two new resources for our volunteers, a Bible laminated bookmark with MINISTRY STANDARDS on one side and SECURITY GUIDELINES on the reverse side. Also new is the SCRIPTURES FOR SALVATION bookmark with important themes for teenagers on the reverse side. Volunteers may keep these valuable resources or purchase additional copies at cost.


Don Smarto has presented his testimony with unique visuals to over 100,000 people in churches and schools across America. Now, for the first time, this dynamic presentation The Youngest Brother is available on DVD. This digitally mastered program includes sound effects, music, and 500 photos, some seen for the first time. This is a powerful, true story that has received critical acclaim. The DVD is a great companion to the book Family Secrets and the Audio Book, too. Don is an expert storyteller and delivers this presentation with captivating facts and Biblical applications. Share this modern day parable with your teens, in a church group, or in a Christian school. Go to Resources to get your copy today. The PG Rating advises parents that some themes and visuals may not be acceptable for small children.

click here to buy now

Don Smarto Wins Two Angel Awards

For the second consecutive year, producer Don Smarto has won the 2010 ©Angel Award for two media productions, the documentary film The Youngest Brother and the audio book, Mended by God.

In 2009, Smarto won the ©Angel Award for his book Mended by God. The judges believed "this audio book maintains the quality of the book with a high standard of editing and professionalism. The story of Tony Pack is enhanced by this production and deserves this recognition."

The documentary The Youngest Brother "tells a dramatic story of crime without the gratuitous violence seen in media today. The message will inspire people."

The ©Angel Award is given by the Excellence in Media organization "honoring works of outstanding moral, ethical, and social impact."

Nominated media are judged by members of The Los Angeles Press Club, National Association of Broadcasters, National Association for Community and Family Education, and the Hollywood Press Club. Individual judges are people with "expertise and are outstanding in the media field."

Previous ©Angel Award winners have been Tom Hanks, Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Art Linkletter, Randy Travis, George Burns, and Roy Rogers. Past documentary films awarded the ©Angel Award have included March of the Penguins and An Inconvient Truth. Previous films awarded the ©Angel Award have included Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter And The Goblets of Fire, The Lion King, Forest Gump, and Wall-E.

Entries from Russia, Israel, Japan, and Great Britain were considered in addition to the United States. EMI considers small producers as eligible as the major studios.


The Excellence in Media Award (Angel Award TM) was given to the book Mended by God; The Tony Pack Story. Accepting the 2009 Silver Angel honor was the book's author, Don Smarto.

This is the author's ninth book, and his first book to receive an Excellence in Media Award. The award is reviewed by an expert panel of judges representing The National Association of Broadcasters, American Women in Radio & Television, The Greater Los Angeles Press Club, and The National Association of Family & Community Education.

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Saturday, September 18th, volunteers will share their faith with
boys and girls in the Tarrant County Detention Facility. Special guests, Marshall Allen (career fire fighter), Lamont Levels (started a Dallas gang
at age 12), and Keron Jackson (Broadway musical singer) are just a
few of the performers who will speak and perform for the youth.
First time volunteers must fill out an application and Fax to
972 572-8335.

Marshall Allen Story

A recent guest on the ministry radio program Parenting Today's Youth has struck a chord with our listeners.

Marshall Allen was a heroic firefighter who in a freak accident became paralyzed in all four limbs. By clicking Resources, you will find those interviews available for purchase. Our programs have had some very dynamic guests and these interviews will inspire and help many.

Consider giving a CD on PARENTING, GRIEF, HEALING EMOTIONAL WOUNDS, MARRIAGE, ABUSE, EVANGELISM, and many more topics to a friend or family member going through tough times.

Marshall will be speaking in a juvenile facility with Youth Direct in several months. We are confident he will have a great impact on the youth.

And you can hear his story by going to Resources and using PayPal.

Youth Direct Performers
Allan Dee, Melvin Adams, Don Smarto, Brandon, Jacob Hope (L - R)

Our volunteers will again have the opportunity to share their faith with several hundred boys (and a unit of girls) at the TYC facility in Corsicana. This 351 acre complex began in 1889 as an orphanage and is today a secure facility for sentenced youth with emotional difficulties. Melvin Adams will be on the program along with former gang leader Lamont Levels. Sign up early for this important event. TYC Corsicana, 4000 W. 2nd Street, Corsicana, TX 75110 (903 875-3200)

11Th Annual Pennsylvania Tour April 16th-26th
Don will speak in churches, juvenile facilities, schools, jails, and drug programs in over 18 Pennsylvania cities in April. Coordinated by Wayne Benjamin (Youth Direct Volunteer of the Year 2009) this will be his eleventh straight year. In addition to sermons and banquet messages, Don will present his informative Civil War Presentation in a Civil War museum, his stimulating Writing Seminar in an alternative school and juvenile detention center, and his Stress Management Seminar to prison ministry volunteers and leaders. Don will speak and train as often as five times a day for the nine days of his tour. Prayers for safe travel, health, and a strong speaking voice are requested.

Marzelle Hill March 20th
Our ministry is welcome back to the Marzelle Hill facility in March. The "Hill" as it is known is a program of the Dallas County Juvenile System.
There are fifty-four boys for residential transitional care there. Following a program, volunteers will have the opportunity to talk in small groups and share their faith. The number of volunteers will be limited so it is essential that people who sign up are sure of their commitment. "No shows" would reduce the number sharing their faith. The "Hill" is located off I 30 at the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center, 2600 Lone Star Drive, Dallas 75212 (214 698-2200)


Juvenile Detention in Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Texas has extended an invitation to Youth Direct. Chaplain Mike Brown is coordinating this event with new staff member Kevin Cook. More information including directions will be available, soon. Mark the date in your calendar.

The new year begins with the Texas Reception Center in Mart (near Waco) from 9am - 3pm we will be with boys who have just entered the state system and need God's power to heal anger, overcome depression, renounce drugs, and gang violence.

Performers will include MELVIN ADAMS and KERON JACKSON. Keron is new to our ministry. He has a powerful voice and a captivating testimony.

The youth will appreciate this program and a visit from our volunteers. If this is your first time, fill out the application (on this web page) and fax to 972 572 8335.

October 2009

This was the 9th consecutive year Youth Direct conducted evangelistic programs in Illinois youth facilities (prisons). 16 volunteers joined us to share encouragement, Scriptures, prayer, and their faith with juvenile prisoners. The program included Larry Howard from Georgia who has recorded 18 albums and performed in 500 prisons. His expert guitar skills and rich voice blended into a unique style of blues music that captured their attention. Athletes Yago Williams and Greg Molchan, members of the Conquerors Strength Team, performed feats of strength that included tearing phone books, bending a horse shoe, lifting people holding a bar, and bending a steel bar held in their teeth. In addition, Yago shared his past which included being a street fighter, drug dealer, and nightclub bouncer and his transformation in Christ. Don Smarto shared his testimony and a new Powerpoint on Making Good Choices. At the end of each program, Don gave the inmates an opportunity to make a profession of faith in Jesus and a second prayer to make Jesus the Lord of their life. In every facility, at each program, a majority of prisoners raised their hands, for which we praise God!

read more


Fifty boys at the TYC facility McFadden Ranch in Roanoke, Texas will have a program and visits from trained volunteers. Arrival time is 9 am. We will leave the facility at 3 pm. Please sign up by November 27th or call 972 572-8336 and leave a call back number.


Volunteers are needed for an event in the TYC facility in Mart, Texas, eastof Waco. Several hundred boys and girls will attend programs in the gym. Volunteers will have opportunities to share their faith in the day rooms. Arrival time is 9 am. At 3:30 pm we will close with a sharing and prayer time and leave the facility at 4 pm. First time volunteers are encouraged to attend a training session and fax a signed application to (972) 572 8335 which can be downloaded from this web site.
DIRECTIONS: Take I 35 South from the Dallas area to Waco. Turn left onto Us-84 toward Corsicana for 12 miles. Turn right onto FM 939 for 7 miles. Turn right onto E. Cowan Street and right onto W. Burleson. The facility address is 116 W. Burleson Rd., Mart, Texas 76664


Don will give three presentations in Colorado juvenile facilities this summer through Kelly Barlow, a dynamic juvenile prison ministry leader who set up the events in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. The minstry had events in Colorado in 2005 and 2008. The Juvenile Justice System of Colorado has always made Youth Direct feel welcome!

Don shares his story with 10,000 youth each year

8th Visit to Pennsylvania

Don will speak in juvenile and adult prisons, churches, at youth rallies and provide training for ministry professionals in over 15 Pennsylvania cities between April 17th - April 28th.

This is his eighth evangelistic trip to Pennsylvania. Wayne Benjamin coordinates these events.

For exact details check


Kevin Cook, a faithful volunteer and Youth Direct Camp counselor joins our staff as Director of Event Logistics. His focus is often on youth with learning disorders and troubled backgrounds. Kevin has been one of Youth Direct's most active volunteers for over six years and was a counselor at two Youth Direct summer camps at Eagle Mountain Lake. He has hit the road running by establishing contact with a new facility in Fort Worth. See his full background on the STAFF page. We welcome, Kevin!

Don Appointed Chairman
Don was recently appointed Chairman of the Operation Starting Line Outreach Committee.

The committee will recommend evangelism strategies for reaching juveniles, women inmates, minority offenders, and families. Composed of prison ministry leaders from across the country, the committee meets by phone conference each month. OSL is a collaboration of over 20 national ministries including Prison Fellowship, Navigators, International Bible Society, The Billy Graham Organization, and Campus Crusade.

Youth Direct is a proud member of Operation Starting Line. For more information about OSL go to the Prison Fellowship web site.

The recent photo was taken at the Washington DC meeting in October with Mark Early (President of PF) presiding. Don is in the second row (fourth from the left).

May 23rd Gainesville
Join us Saturday May 23rd from 9am - 4pm at Gainesville TYC School.
This will be a great opportunity to share with over 250 boys.

Training to be announced the week before at Westside Baptist Church and downtown Dallas.

First time volunteers Fax application to 972-572-8335.

Volunteer of the Year
Wayne Benjamin is voted our "Most Dedicated Volunteer of 2009". At age 79, Wayne continues to be active in prison ministry. Last Fall he drove 2000 miles to be with our team in Chicago.

In the past, Wayne has joined us in Florida and other states. For the eighth year (April 2009) Don will speak in churches, schools, jails, and juvenile facilities in over 15 towns and cities in Pennsylvania.

Each year, Wayne has coordinated these visits and attended every event. The ministry is so grateful to Wayne for his dedication. He also coordinates the Lehigh Valley chapter of Yokefellows Prison Ministry. Wayne is living proof that there is no retirement from Christian service.

Wayne inspires all that meet him and work with him. Countless prisoners and juvenile offenders are saved today because of his leadership, volunteer training, and evangelism. We applaud Wayne for all he has done for Youth Direct Ministries. We pray for many more years of partnership.

Jacob Hope, Brillant Drummer, Joins Ministry
Jacob, known as J-DOG to youth, recently played on programs in Oklahoma in June and the Dallas Youth Village in August.

The youth were mesmerized by his skills from Stomp Style on pots & pans to a Buddy Rich style solo on his elaborate drum set.

He will play at Crocket and is a welcome addition to our very talented performers. Come hear him in person!

Tony Pack with Harry McClintok, Chairman of the Board of the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind

Donation for the Blind

Our Chairman, Tony Pack donated 100 sets of the new Mended by God Audio Book to the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind.

The organization expressed their gratitude and many blind individuals will hear the drama and inspiration of the story.

The audio book is now available on and this web site.

Corsicana, Saturday, February 28th
9am to 3:30pm our volunteers will share with the boys and girls in the TYC facility in Corsicana, Texas. Performers include Melvin Adams, Brandon, GRACE Singers and Alan Dee.

45 minutes south of Dallas, this will be a great day of faith sharing and blessings. New volunteers need to mail or FAX the 2009 Application. Training locations will be announced. 75 male & female volunteers are needed.

God will bless you for helping a young person find a new direction in life!

Blessings at Youth Village
51 volunteers shared with 86 boys at the Dallas Youth Village August 16th. A new vocal group GRACE did a wonderul job getting spirits up.

As always, Alan Ward mesmerized the youth with his illusions, and new performer Jacob Hope was outstanding with his great percussion skills.

Many boys accepted Christ as Savior!


Over 55 volunteers attended an event at Crockett State School in November. The superintendent and chaplain joined us for a group photo.

This was the seventh year Youth Direct shared the Gospel in Chicago area juvenile prisons. The Lord blessed our efforts and guided us through storms. Once in Chicago, we were the guests of Awana International in Streamwood with clean and comfortable rooms. We then criss-crossed the Chicago area traveling 530 miles in 5 days. Click here to read the full report.

After five exciting days in Chicago area juvenile prisons, with 7 hours at home, I went directly to Denver to go into three facilities as part of the Operation Starting Line outreach. OSL is a collaboration of over 25 ministries working together to bring the Gospel to prisoners across America. Since 2001, Youth Direct has been a full collaborator conducting events in 62 juvenile facilities in 9 states. The ministry was in Colorado in 2005. Click here to read the full report.

Melvin Adams to Perform
Melvin Adams captured the attention of the youth at Crockett State School recently.

Melvin's combination of humor and basketball skills are always a hit with youth.

Over 55 volunteers joined performers Brandon (Hip Hop Artist), Jacob Hope (Drummer), Alan Dee (Illusionist), and Don Smarto (sharing his family story).

The hospitality was great as the superintendent served a lavish meal of grilled chicken, brisket, and sausage to the volunteers.

Although several units went into lockdown, many seeds were planted.

In December, a program will be presented at McFadden Ranch for 55 boys.

White House Supports Faith-Based Programs
President Bush recently received a 2007 report on the White House Conference on Prisoner Reentry. Don was a speaker at that conference (November 2007) on the subject of Juvenile Reentry. He was introduced as “One of America’s front line experts”. The President strongly supports volunteers and faith-based organizations that work with prisoners and ex-offenders. As Governor of Texas, he supported faith-based units in Texas prisons

click here for a complete calendar of events.

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