Youth Direct has several areas of ministry focus.

Juvenile Prison Ministry

Hundreds of volunteers are trained each year to reach out to hurting youth in juvenile facilities across America exness.



Radio Ministry

Parenting Today's Youth, hosted by Don Smarto, airs Monday - Friday 8:00pm on Dallas/Fort Worth's 100.7 The WORD. This 30 minute call in show provides real solutions for real problems and concerns. (Listen via the internet)



Summer Camp

Kids with incarcerated parents come to Camp Direct each summer. Volunteers take a week out of their lives to radically impact kids who need attention the most exness broker.



Parent Seminars

Parents whose kids are in crisis or incarcerated need help. Youth Direct has developed a series of practical sense parenting seminars where we give hope and help to parents. [Click here for a schedule of parent seminars]



Youth Direct has trained over 400 volunteers with its basic three hour training class that certifies them for all future Youth Direct juvenile prison events. There have been many requests for additional training topics and we have developed twelve new sessions. [Click here for a schedule of the training]




As a public service to schools, community groups, PTAs, and churches, Don is offering an important and new Powerpoint seminars The Dangers of Technology. After an enthusiastic reception to this seminar in Pennsylvania, it became obvious that the information in this seminar is essential for parents and grandparents exness sign up.

The seminar praises the benefits of computers and the Internet but informs parents and youth about dangers with Facebook, You Tube, My Space, The Internet Chat Rooms, and other technologies. The content is approriate for high school and middle school teens and elementary children, too.

Parents are amazed by their understandable ignorance of text abbreviations, public domain issues, and predators schemes. Common sense principles are presented for safe use of computers. Also, Don evaluates inappropriate video games and cell phone abuse.

A secular version for public schools in available. Biblical guidelines are available for churches. This seminar is offered free as a public service from Youth Direct to the community.

You will not be disappointed by this spirited and entertaining, yet informative seminar. To set up a seminar, use the feedback form on this web site. You will receive a timely and prompt response.