A Pale Horse (dvd)

Not for the faint hearted, this true story of a serial killer coming to faith, is in the league of a Hitchcock thriller. Not for children and PG-13 for youth, the film contains graphic images that may disturb younger viewers. The winner of 9 major awards, actress Jeannette Clift George gives a tour de force performance of an abusive mother that drives her son to insanity. It is a true and redeeming story as the killer gives his life to God after a "hellish" existence.

Price: $15

A Pale Horse Musical (Soundtrack)

Winner of the Angel Award for BEST SOUNDTRACK, the haunting music of composer Rick Wells was performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and conducting by Arnie Roth, conductor of the Warner Brothers Symphony Orchestra.

CD Price: $10



My Dad's in Prison
Curtis Edenfield speaks about the suffering of his entire family when his father, a successful commercial pilot ,is arrested on a major drug smuggling charge.

Curtis endures neighborhood prejudice and shunning in school. This is the first time Curtis has shared his story on radio.

2 Parts 50 Minutes © 2011 $5.00

Preventing Drop-Outs
Certified counselor and educator Denny Singh talks about a dynamic alternative for youth on the edge of dropping out of school. This is an animated conversation about America's educational system and the way to reach youth not engaged in mainstream schools.

3 Parts 72 Minutes © 2011 $5.00


The Church
Growth, Conflict,& Polarization

Dr. Karl Fickling draws on his vast experience working with pastors and church leadership teams to comment on dwindling church attendance and the factors that create internal conflict. He uses Scripture to affirm the need for churches and humble leaders.

3 Parts 76 Minutes © 2011 $5.00

The Captive Family
Author and speaker Ann Edenfield started a national support group for the families of prisoners called WINGS. She talks about going from an upper middle class life of status and country club membership to food stamps and thrift shops.

God uses this experience to start a ministry. Her youngest of four sons joins her for the third interview.

3 Parts 76 Minutes © 2011 $5.00


Casey's Story
Casey Beaver was a champion athlete with the potential of being drafted into the NFL until a series of poor choices destroyed his life. From drugs to a prison sentence for burglary, Casey went downhill until Christ became real to him. This is a strong morality tale for parents who think their children are okay as long as they get good grades and are involved in sports.

CD 3 Parts 74 Minutes (c) 2011 $5.00


My Favorite Stories
Don shares his favorite inspirational stories which he has used in speeches and sermons nationwide. These heart warming gems make a great gift and remind us again about the goodness of God.

CD 2 Parts 50 Minutes (c) 2011 $5.00



My Favorite Stories Part 2
Don continues with over twenty additional stories which illustrate parenting issues, caring, sharing, and service. The power and impact of the story is documented in these wonderful illustrations that have inspired thousands across America.

CD 2 Parts 50 Minutes (c) 2011 $5.00



Rebellion to Restoration
Don interviews Shawn O'Neil who shares his childhood of physical abuse and his parents alcoholism. His step-father is tragically killed when Shawn is driving intoxicated. Hear about his gang activity, bringing a gun to school, and drug abuse. Shawn goes to prison but the Lord transforms him from the inside out.

This is a great interview about God's power to touch and transform a life.

CD 3 Parts 75 Minutes $5.00

Chris Fabry Interviews Don Smarto
National talk show host Chris Fabry interviews Don Smarto about his new book Heart of the Young Gladiator. Heard across America, this interview is animated and includes listener call ins. Chris is entusiastic about the book and
recommends it to his listeners. Segments of the book are read and selected poems are read by Chris and Don.

CD 4 Parts 60 Minutes $5.00


The Legendary Quarterback
Don interviews Roger Staubach. Winner of the Heiseman Trophy, voted Most Valuable Player, and and star of two Super Bowl victories, Roger talks about his childhood, college years, and his faith.

Inducted into the Football Hall of Fame, Roger talks about his relationship with Coach Tom Landry. This honest interview is a must for every high school and college football player.

One of the greatest athletes of all time, the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys talks to Don about his spiritual life as well as the game of football.

CD 30 Minutes $5.00

An Exceptional Life
An accident at age 17 left Joni Eareckson Tada a quadriplegic and imprisoned physically to a wheelchair but her spirit soared. Joni is the author of 35 books, paints with a brush in her teeth, sings, and speaks to millions of people. In this interview, she tells Don about the hope she finds in God's Word.

She has been an advisor to several Presidents on the subject of disabilities. This is a moving and dynamic interview filled with sound theology.

CD 60 Minutes $5.00


From Gangs to God
Teenager, Marquin Wynn tells an honest and frank story of overcoming great odds to become a disciple of Jesus.

Both parents were drug dealers and fought so hard they actually shot guns at each other in front of Marquin as a boy. A family relative exposed him to pornography at age three. By the 8th grade, he was carrying a gun and using illegal drugs. Marquin would visit his father in prison and gained a sense of "family" by joining a gang. He corrupted other youth including a younger brother. Then, God got his attention and transformed him from the inside out. This is a candid interview about the reality of crime ridden streets and tough schools. Every sociologist in America should listen to this young man!

75 Minutes 3 Parts © 2010 $5.00

Urban Challenge
Darron Daniel works with urban African American youth in Dallas.

Having conquered gangs, crime, and prison time, he devoted his career (since 2004) to helping youth who fall into the traps of street culture, drugs, and violence. As National Coordinator of Urban Gentz, Darron teaches manners, anger management, and the benefits of mentoring. Darron also serves as a Youth Pastor.

He knows firsthand about the pitfalls these youth face and is determined to make a difference, one life at a time.

75 Minutes 3 Parts © 2010 $5.00

Gifted performer and art professor as Dallas Baptist University Sarah Crouch speaks to parents about the value of the arts in the lives of children. Segements of classical music are played during the interviews and examined.

What is modern art? How did music develop? Biblical references to music are abundant. Why the church has lost it's role at the center of the community and defender of the arts? are some of the important subjects discussed.
3 Parts CD 75 Minutes $5.00



Dr. Heath Marion addresses an importan topic - The Spritual Life of Men. While other cultures have men dominating worship, our Western culture has seen a shift to women as the spiritual leaders in the home. Dr. Marion explores the reasons for this shift including Feminine Sounding Hymns, Mariology, and the Lack of Biblical Discipline in the lives of many men.

This is an important topic for wives as well.
3 Parts CD 75 Minutes $5.00



My Wheelchair Is Not Me
In this candid interview, Marshall Allen speaks about the challenges of being a quadriplegic.

Clearly, his motorized wheelchair does not define him. He speaks of pain, loneliness, and depression but also about friendship, love, and purpose. This man is an inspiration to all who know him.

These three interviews are riveting.

CD 78 Minutes $5.00


What is a Christian Marriage?
Dr. Bob Dean and his wife Ellen talk with Don about the distinctives of a Christian Marriage. Ellen is a highly educated therapist and Bob was a pastor for 28 years.

This down to earth interview is informative and animated. Their honesty is refreshing and their remarks practical.

CD 78 Minutes $5.00

The Marshall Allen Story
Marshall Allen was a career firefighter. At 6ft. 4 and muscular, Marshall was a Golden Gloves boxer and held powerlifting records in the Fire Department Olympics. He overcame racial prejudice and childhood abuse to become a model public sevant. Then, a freak spinal cord injury left him a quadrapalegic for life. This is a moving and inspirational story of one man's determination and courage to have a significant life and never give up.
3 Parts 70 Minutes CD

Can People of Faith, Doubt?
In this popular sermon, Don Smarto explores key biblical characters who had doubts about God yet overcame their doubts with faith. Everyone from Evangelists to Theologians have doubt.
(c) 2010 28 Minutes CD


The Power of Words
In this practical sermon, Don Smarto uses the Book of James to explore gossip, and slander and the benefits of kind words and encouragement. Christians are not immune from using words poorly. Don uses ample Scripture to show his points clearly.
(c) 2010 40 Minutes CD

Good People Don't Go to Heaven
The title of this sermon is paradoxical but the message is relevant and timely. Too many have turned to New Age religion believing all religions are right. Don Smarto demonstrates that Christianity alone is the truth based on God's grace and mercy.
(c) 2010 25 Minutes CD

World Cup Champion
Alexandra Allred set sports history when named as member of the first female bobsled team in the Olympics. The US Olympic Committee voted her Athlete of the Year. She has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Redbook, and USA Today.

Her powerful story includes her athletic achievements in football and kickboxing , as well. Her faith journey and her family exploits are captivating.
(c) 2010 3 Parts 70 Minutes

Surviving Grief
Dr. Jon Weygandt has been a pastor and a hospital chaplain. His PhD work was on grief. Everyone will experience this powerful emotion in their life. Grief from the death of a loved one, divorce, betrayal, loss of job, and beloved pets are a few of the types of grief discussed. This is an important subject with practical and biblical tips for surviving loss.
2 Programs 50 Minutes CD

New Vision
Lamont Levels started a gang at age 12. By 21, members of his own gang shot him in the head and left him for dead. He survived but is today totally blind. In many ways he sees better than most people. This powerful testimony is available in 3 interviews on one CD. Lamont tells youth about the dead end of gangs "It takes you to the penitentiary or the cemetery" he says. He points them to God, today.
CD 3 Parts 79 Minutes

Witnessing to Roman Catholics
This seminar presents a non-threatening and non-offensive method of sharing "Reformation" theology with Roman Catholic friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family. We have much to learn from each other and a basis for mutual respect. This talk will give practical counsel for sharing Christ with Catholics.
CD 80 Minutes

Does God Hate?
Don has preached this informative sermon in many churches across America. This sermon develops the dangers of quoting Scripture out of context and many false beliefs about verses that are not even biblical.
This is a great exposition of biblical truth.
CD 35 Minutes

Healing Emotional Wounds
Nationally known psychologist Dominick Herbst has a lively exchange with host Don Smarto about the need for forgiveness and the limitations of self-help books. Dominick shows the spiritual basis for healing emotional wounds and the dire consequences of anger and bitterness. This is psychology at its best, combining Biblical principles with good judgement and common sense. These interviews are animated and filled with hope.
77 Minutes CD

Overcoming Abuse
Speaker and author of the book Shattered, Bill Harbeck talks honestly of his seven years being sexually abused as a youth. He kept his experiences as a victim a secret for over twenty years. With over 36,000 victims of child abuse, this is an important and vital subject. This is a riveting and revealing interview.
80 Minute CD

The Disconnected Generation
International speaker and famous author of over 60 books, Josh McDowell talks with Don about the need for fathers to connect with their children and the reasons so many youth abandon the church. Josh tells his moving testimony of witnessing domestic abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father and his eventual coming to Christ. Josh is an acknowledged expert on at risk youth and a gifted theologian. This is a "must have" interview.
3 Parts 68 Minutes (c) 2010 CD

Behind The Fame
Don interviews Grammy Winners Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. They catapulted to fame with the 5th Dimension and went on to appear on numerous television shows and in Broadway musicals. This is a revealing and animated interview recorded on location in their Hollywood hotel room at midnight, after a show.

They honestly share the burden of a son in prison, the stress of popularity, and their
faith in Christ. This is a delightful and entertaining interview with a talented couple
married for over forty years.
3 Parts 68 Minutes CD

Marriage Issues
Heath and Jami Marion discuss the Biblical view of marriage in this informative, lively, and spontaneous exchange on subjects like communication, asking for forgiveness, expressing love, fair "fighting", and how to maintain a healthy relationship. This is an important topic for newlyweds to seniors.
CD 3 Parts 75 Minutes

From Homeless to Concert Stage
Keron Jackson has been hailed by critics and newspapers nationwide as one of
the greatest upcoming opera singers, yet his parents were drug addicts, he was a thief, and the family homeless.

He has performed in Showboat, Porgy & Bess, and Big River and his singing is included on this series of interviews. Hear this amazing story in his own words.
3 Parts 80 Minutes (c) 2010

The Fifth Great Awakening
Dr. Jim Denison who has been on the faculty of four seminaries and has pastored congregations in Georgia and Texas with a combined membership of 20,000, gives a detailed picture of world evangelism and the "cold war" threats of radical Islam in this stimulating and informative series of interviews. CD 68 Minutes

A 4-Track Church in an I Pod World
International evangelist Melvin Adams gives insightful and frank opinions about reaching youth with the Gospel. As a former Professional athlete with the San Antonio Spurs and the Harlem Globetrotters, he share his difficult childhood and what he did to become successful against difficult odds. CD 68 Minutes

Practical Parenting
International speaker Jami Marion has a Masters Degree in Education and is the mother of four children under the age of ten. This delightful and lively discussion is informative and entertaining. Jami speaks from the heart about the joys of parenting, giving practical tips for a Christ centered home and setting appropriate boundaries. CD 68 Minutes



Don Smarto, host of Parenting Today's Youth radio show and former Director of a residential drug program talks about the root cause of addictions and the road to spiritual recovery. Don talks about drugs, food, gambling, and pornography addictions. This is an important message for anyone with an addiction or a family member. 2 CD Set 136 Minutes

The Causes of Crime: A Judge's Perspective
Judge Gracie Lewis began her career as a Public Defender and a Prosecutor. She was a Juvenile Judge for 13 years and today is a judge hearing adult criminal felony cases. As a woman of faith, she clearly expresses her opinions about the origins and causes of crime in a lively exchange. CD 68 Minutes

What Is a Vital Church?
Dr. Bob Dean is the Executive Director of the Dallas Baptist Association. with an earned Doctor of Ministry Degree, Dr. Dean was also a Pastor for twenty-eight years. This conversation is a wonderful exposition of what the church is and what is necessary for vitality. CD 68 Minutes

Hispanic Culture and the Church
Pastor Vince Gonzales worked with Tony Evans and is pastor of a Hispanic Church in Dallas. In this animated conversation, Pastor Gonzales talks about adaptations churches need to make to minister to Hispanic people in their congregation. With a growing population of Hispanics, this is important information about culture. CD 68 Minutes

Passing the Faith Baton
Dr. Jay Sedwick is a Professor of Christian Education at Dallas Theological Seminary. In this informative interview, Professor Sedwick calls on his 25 years of youth ministry experience to discuss effective methods for reaching youth for Christ. CD 68 Minutes

Six Perspectives on Juvenile Crime
This fascinating set of interviews looks at juvenile crime through the eyes of six people: a CRIME REPORTER, a WARDEN, a JUDGE, POLICE DETECTIVE, an ADMINISTRATOR, and a former GANG LEADER. Each has a unique point of view. This set of interviews will stimulate your thinking and even get you to reconsider cherished opinions. This is a rare combination of perspectives from people who know and have worked with juvenile delinquents. 2 CD Set

Suffering; Does God Care?
Dr. Jim Denison talks about his popular book . He explains how innocent suffering is the greatest challenge to faith but the Bible gives us reason to overcome doubt with faith. This is an uplifting conversation for anyone going through difficult circumstances. 36 Minute CD

The Youngest Brother
Don Smarto has presented a dynamic Powerpoint program about Al Capone and the mobsters of the 1920s to over 100,000 people in churches and schools across America. Now, for the first time, this highly acc;aimed presentatiom is available on this digitally mastered DVD. The one hour program features 500 photos, some seen for the first time. This DVD does not glorify crime but shows the power of God to escape from evil influences. This program is rated PG as some content may not be suitable for younger viewers.


Mended by God Audio
This two (2) CD set brings to life this captivating story. It is expertly read by narrator Joe Turner.

The CDs feature introductions by the author and actress Carol O'Brian as Carol Pack with a sensitive and warm portrayal.

This dynamic recording has drama and emotion and is economically priced.

Heart of the Young Gladiator
This captivating book includes 54 poems written by incarcerated youth.

From the pit of depression to the mountain top of faith, these boys express themselves with passion and boldness. You will want to read these again and again.

To enhance the book, there are 40 photos never seen by the public before. The photos tell a story of neglect and abuse, but also hope and faith.

This book makes a wonderful gift.
Hardback 160 Pages $12.95


Mended by God
We are pleased to announce the new streamlined edition
of the powerful book Mended by God with a new ending
written by Tony Pack. Sales benefit our outreach to youth.
See the video below.

Anyone who has experienced difficult days will appreciate this new
edition of Mended by God. Streamlined for easier reading, this story is
inspirational and uplifting. Give it as a gift to a friend in crisis.

$ 12.95.

Justice and Mercy
With an introduction by Billy Graham, this book presents a blueprint for transforming the failure of America's prisons into facilities that truly reform people. This book has been a best seller for those involved in prison ministry for many years. Included are tribute biographies of living and past role models in ministry including Chaplain Ray, Charles Colson, and Harry Howard. The book includes a powerful testimony to God's power in the story of Charlie Pratt, a mafia hit man that became an evangelist for Jesus Christ. This is a must have book. $10

This 202 page book about crime, faith, and family became the basis of the television movie Perfect Score produced in 2005. With a forward by Joni Eareckson Tada, this hardback is reasonably priced. A difficult book to put down, Pursued is about God's power to redeem the people no matter their background or family. If you have ever been in a valley, wondered if God cared about your situation, or had a sick child, this book will give you hope. You will be mesmerized as you are whipped along the rollercoaster ride of one man's life. It is inspiring and full of surprising miracles. $10


Keeping Ex-Offenders Free
If you care about what happens to prisoners after their release, then this book is for you. Used by hundreds of prison ministries across America, this book shows how the local church can prepare to surround a released inmate with love, acceptance, and accountability. This is also a great guide for avoiding manipulation and determining authenticity. There are many Scripture references to support the points of the book and several creative ideas. The 271 pages are filled with suggestions regarding employment, finances, self-esteem, and relationships. $10


Family Secrets
This 310 page book is the story of the author's crime family and God's power to break away from the ties to culture and corruption. Tony Campolo said "I cried a little because it triggered memories of my youth as an Italian American." Filled with true stories about Al Capone, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, and even the mafia connection to the Assassination of President Kennedy, this is a riveting story. Most of all, it is a testament to God's grace to change anyone. The book contains over 100 photos never printed in any other book and stories that could not be told until only a few short years ago. It is a dramatic and often chilling story of Mafia dons from Sicily and the ruthless violence on the streets of Chicago.$12.95

Family Secrets Audio
This new audio version of the book by the same title is a two disc set. In stereo with original music, the soundtrack includes a professional narrator who introduces each chapter and the author reads stories from his life. A great gift for those who listen to CDs on road trips or on a player in their home, this CD adds a dimension that makes a great companion to the book by the same title. $12




Lost and Found
This 702 page book is really three books in one; a text on delinquency, a guide to juvenile evangelism, and a book for parents about drugs, gangs, and sexual activity. The book contains several true and dynamic case studies that allow the reader to play the role of judge and guess the outcome of cases. This book was strongly endorsed by Charles Colson who said "Don Smarto knows firsthand about ministry to juveniles. This book is a powerful resource!" Used as a text book in Juvenile Delinquency classes at major colleges, it includes an exam (with answers), a glossary of terms, and a juvenile justice flowchart. The section on SCHOOL SHOOTINGS is timely and insightful. Also included are chapters about gangs, drug abuse, parent-child communication, and methods of evangelism. $20

Faith Based Mentoring
The 265 pages of this book are divided into 51 subject headings as a practical and easy to use reference guide. The principles for mentoring can be used for juveniles or young adult offenders. It also contains a contact form, a bibliography, and an interesting interview. Mentoring is one of the most important ways to help a prisoner become a stable citizen and a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Subjects include: fear of failure, boundaries, suicide symptoms, communication, culture, materialism, matching people and screening mentors. Every church needs this book for youth pastors and every prison needs this book for volunteers.$12.95


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