Since 2004, Youth Direct has hosted a weekly Christian talk show Parenting Today’s Youth.

The program is currently broadcast in Dallas / Fort Worth at 9 am every Saturday on station KDKR 97.5 FM with 7.2 million audience potential. 



The program is thirty minutes in length, without commercial interruption. Invited guests usually record one hour which becomes two shows broadcast consecutively.

 Although pre-recorded, the show is “live” without any editing of content. The host, Don Smarto, interviews in a Q & A format. It is guest friendly, but questions are not given to guests ahead of time.

Radio Topics

The subject matter is wide ranging, but the focus is on children, youth, parenting and issues that affect the family. Examples of past topics include: Teen Rebellion, Drug Abuse, Addictions, Setting Boundaries, Fostering Faith in the Home, Choice of Schools, Choice of a Church, Blended Families, Pornography, Social Media Use & Abuse, Gangs, Video Games, School Violence, Morality, Discipline, Role Models, Mentoring, Gangs and Culture.  

Past Radio Guests

The program has hosted many notable leaders and celebrities including Marilyn McCoo from the Fifth Dimension, Donna Douglas from the Beverly Hillbillies, Jim Bakker from the former PTL show, Chief Justice Warren Burger of the U.S. Supreme Court, and John Arroyo survivor of the Ft. Hood mass shooting. Most of the 980 guests interviewed on Parenting Today’s Youth have been authors, psychologists, professors, pastors, law enforcement officers and teachers. Past guests have included Charles Colson, Dr. Charles Stanley, Henry Blackaby, Jim Bakker, Josh McDowell, Roger Staubach, Elizabeth Elliott, Jeanette Clift George, Steve Stroop, Jim Denison, and Joni Erickson Tada

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