•  At least 18 years of age

  •  A Born-Again Christian

  •  Active in a church or college ministry

  •  Willing to accept direction

  •  Willing to abide by all security guidelines

  •  A person of prayer

  •  Devoted to consistent Bible study


  • Volunteers are asked to be good listeners when sharing their faith with incarcerated youth

  • Relational evangelism means building trust and earning the right to be heard

  • Share relevant scriptures

  • Use a simple Bible translation (such as a paraphrase)

  • Focus on Jesus and the Gospel

  • Share your personal testimony but do not dominate the conversation

  • Share one on one or with a small group  (do not exceed three youth so other volunteers can share)

  • Pray the week before an event

  • Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and words

  • Keep all conversations confidential

  • No physical contact other than a handshake

  • Do not ask a youth about their crimes

  • Never ridicule or put down other religions

First time volunteers should fill out an online volunteer application

  • Bring your drivers license   (or passport)

  • Arrive on time, as volunteers are processed as a group

  • Never give your address or personal information to a youth

  • Always obey the instructions of facility staff

  • Never be alone with a youth

  • Do not bring cash, medication, gum, or sharp objects into a facility

  • Modest attire includes no shorts, sandals, or excessive jewelry

  • No T Shirts with religious slogans

  • A polo shirt with a collar and long pants are preferred attire

  • Do not give a youth anything or take anything from a youth

  • Only ministry approved materials may be given to youth


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